The Product

Contact us as soon as possible and let us know a few things:

  1. Name and contact info
  2. The product or type of product you are looking for
  3. The type of decoration you are looking for
  4. How many pieces needed and when you need them

Next, an experienced apparel decorator will reply asap to help you get the best product, print, and price to fit your needs.

Can I supply goods for you to decorate?

Yes. We have a wide range of suppliers of all types of apparel and accessories. However, if you prefer to bring your own, it’s ok with us.

How fast can I get my order?

Our aim is to get your order completed when you need it. Some things can be done the same day or in a few days. Let us know your needs and we will do our best to accommodate.

What if products I supply get damaged or lost?

Some of our clients choose to bring their own products for custom decoration. That’s perfectly fine. However, we cannot be responsible to replace any products provided by our clients that are damaged or have any type of error during the decoration procedure. Our clients can supply a replacement product that we can decorate for free or we will refund the decorating cost of the damaged product in such cases.

What should I check before I approve my order?

Make sure you look over your invoice and mock ups thoroughly. Although we do our best to translate all your requests when writing up your order and processing it. Our clients will bear the responsibility when they approve and order or mock up that they later realized contained an error. We strive for accuracy and do our best to review type, colors, sizes, etc. to make sure you are approving the correct invoice and mock up. Lastly, make sure you approve asap since delaying can cause your delivery date to be pushed back.

What are all the email notifications I receive?

We really want good communication with our clients. To provide the best service we notify our clients of each step of their order. These are the steps you will be notified about…

  • Quote – This will contain preliminary pricing when you make a request.
  • Order Confirmation – This confirms the product selected, quantities, prices, and due date.
  • Awaiting Approval – This means that your order now contains the needed mock ups for you to review. Also it would contain any adjustments to the product, quantities, prices, and due date. So make sure you review everything on the invoice and the mock ups closely. It’s good to download a copy to have for your records.
  • Approved – This notifies you that we know your order is approved. We make any needed adjustment to the due date of your order at this point.
  • Ready to decorate – This notifies you that all parts needed to produce your custom decorated order are together and we are on schedule for your due date.
  • Complete- This is to notify you that your order is complete and can be picked up are our location or delivered via whatever shipment method you arranged.
  • Shipped/Delivered – This is to confirm that your custom decorated items were either picked up by you or someone you authorized or that they shipped according to the delivery method you arranged.

We really hope this helps you to be informed and really know what is going on with your custom decorated order!

What are typical design sizes?

Choosing the right size for you design is important. We have guidelines that we typically stick to, but each design can need specific adjustments to decorate the product properly. Here are some of the guidelines we follow for common products:

Apparel Tops:

  • Full Fronts 11.5” Wide
  • Full Fronts 12-13” Wide
  • Left or Right Chest 4” Wide
  • Back Yoke 4” Wide
  • Sleeve Vertical 3.75” Wide x 15” High
  • Sleeve Horizontal 3.75” Wide

Apparel Bottoms:

  • Pant or Short Left or Right Leg Horizontal 3.75” Wide
  • Pant Left or Right Leg Vertical 3.75” Wide x 16” High
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